Ride Hard & Get Dirty


To address a few comments/questions we’ve seen.

What improvements?
-New shower houses (that people shit on the floor in on a weekly basis). New bulldozer, new tractors and new excavator (that we run during the week and “you never see move or running” bc people want to play chicken with it if they are ran on the weekends. Also note that we now have to close for days at a time to perform adequate trail maintenance due to the same). For those familiar with the heavy equipment you can hopefully explain that maintaining it doesn’t simply include an oil change and putting some diesel in it. New office building. Barn that was repaired 3x at Busco’s expense (that has been destroyed). New wash pits. Getting official approval for allowing night riding. Creating new trails. Created more campsites

-deputies on site 24/7 during the weekend. EMTs on site on all event weekends.

-more than tripled to cut down on wait times. Maintenance, trash, etc doubled (to keep the park and camp sites as clean as possible when guests can’t be bothered to dispose of trash properly). Increase in all staff pay to ensure they are properly compensated (mostly from dealing with inappropriate, disrespectful phone calls, comments, messages, etc).

Drag strip
-we maintain the strip; however, we cannot control the weather. To try and groom the track during the weekend deputies have to be posted at both ends to make sure riders will stay off the track. We shut the lights off when people start acting a fool (which is nightly).

-we’ve had more flooding in the last 5 years than ever before. This means closing the park, moving all equipment, posting deputies to “guard” the park (bc some people read closed and let’s go and wade thru flood waters to see what “it looks like”). The employees are still paid while we are closed (it’s not their fault Mother Nature is being a bitch). Then come the repairs after flooding (cleanup, trail maintenance, pumping of water, bringing equipment back in).

Most famous comments
-you had over 30,000 people for MudBash. Nope…not even close to accurate.
-you made over 1 million dollars “that” weekend. Nope…not even close to accurate
-the trails aren’t maintained as well as they used to be. Wrong again. More maintenance goes into it bc of the size of the machines that are now being ridden and bc of the increase in flooding events.
-the water truck never runs. The water truck runs a lot. Busco is big. Busco is made of dirt. Busco can get so busy it’s dangerous to run the truck. Some people won’t move out of the water trucks way.
-you turned off comments bc you don’t want to answer questions. We don’t mind answering logical questions that are asked in a respectful way; however, constantly monitoring Facebook to make sure things aren’t going too far and to keep misinformation from spreading and getting into keyboard name calling isn’t helpful to anyone.

A few thoughts from “the other side.”
-what makes people think they have the right to treat others with anything less than the common decency they want to receive?
-as an adult we hear “today’s generation has no respect for authority”, “if I would’ve acted that way my momma/daddy would’ve beaten my ass”. Unfortunately many of today’s adults are no better with their words or actions than “today’s generation.”
-you don’t have to like Busco. We do our best to make sure that you’re given a fair opportunity to decide for yourself. If you like it; come back! If you don’t; don’t come back. Stop with the hate and trolling though…really what’s the point?

To those that have made an effort to understand a business’ point of view. Thank you. To those who may not always agree, but are respectful. Thank you. To those who dislike the park, but have quietly found another place to ride or another hobby. Thank you. To those that love Busco and continue to come. Thank you.

Busco is a place where ethnicity, social status, gender status, etc don’t matter. If you’re out riding you’re going to meet some of the most helpful, awesome, selfless individuals that you will ever meet. To all those who never cease to amaze me with this awesomeness…Thank you.
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Good afternoon. As many of you may know Busco has been open since 1999. In the last 21 years the prices for entry have not changed. During this time the park has expanded significantly, many upgrades have been completed, the hiring off duty sheriffs to be present at the park 24hrs per day during the weekends and more than tripled the number of the employees. All of these have benefitted not only the park, but also our members, guests and local community. With the ever increasing cost of materials, fuel and services we have made the decision that beginning October 11, 2021, the Monday following Fall Bash, that the pricing will change to the following:

$10 per person per day
$10 per person per night
$10 per machine per day

The only change is that the daily person fee and daily night person fee will increase by $5. For example; 1 person and 1 machine for one day will be $20. The night example is; 1 person and 1 machine for 1 night would be $50. These changes are not affecting RV reservations as the pricing for those will remain the same.

We appreciate all of your support and hope to be able to continue to provide an exceptional park experience for many years to come.

*A pricing breakdown is posted in the next post.*
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Daisy Dukes weekend will be here in just 2 WEEKS!!! There will be a beach party Saturday from 12-5 and the Daisy Dukes contest will be following at 7 at the stage! Sign ups will take place that Saturday at the stage before the event. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bounty holes have started!!! Make sure to ride down and check out some awesome racing! ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Friday!! It’s suppose to be a beautiful weekend with some great weather! The bounty hole is on schedule for tomorrow! The races will start at 12 so be sure to come out and watch some good racing!!! Vendors will be in the vendor field so make sure you stop by and check them out while you’re here!!! King Of the Deep ... See MoreSee Less

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Who's ready for some bounty hole action?!? King Of the Deep will be here this weekend ready to kick off series event #3!!

There weather is suppose to be gorgeous which calls for a great weekend of riding! It will be normal park fees this weekend. As always, please print out the waiver form and have it ready to turn in when you check in!!

We can't wait to see you all!
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The park will be closed on Monday, July 12th and Tuesday, July 13th for roads and park maintenance. We will reopen on Wednesday the 14th. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy 4th of July!! The weather is gorgeous today which calls for a good day of riding! We are open normal business hours!!

‼️Important park update‼️
The park will be closed on Monday, July 12th and Tuesday, July 13th for roads and park maintenance. We will reopen on Wednesday the 14th.

We hope you all have a happy and safe 4th!!!
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Good morning & happy Friday!! They are calling for some rain today and it’s suppose to clear out this afternoon. After that the weather is suppose to be absolutely beautiful for the rest of the weekend in the 80’s & sunny!! As a reminder, we are having our cookout tonight at 7:00 at the white building in the field!! Be sure to come hungry! ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s almost the weekend and we can’t wait to see you all!! Don’t forget our cookout tomorrow at 7:00 at the white building!! ... See MoreSee Less

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July 4th will be here before we know it!! We are having a cookout Friday, July 2nd at 7:00pm at the white building in the grass field!! Make sure to come hungry & we can't wait to see you all! ... See MoreSee Less

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1/22-1/24 Customer Appreciation Weekend
1/22 Pig Pickin’
1/23 Bonfire
2/12-2/14 Valentine’s Day Weekend
2/12 Cookout/Bring a Valentine Dessert
3/19-3/21 Spring Blast Cookoff
3/19 Free Cookout
3/20 Scavenger Hunt 11am-1pm
4/2-4/4 Easter Weekend
4/2 Free Cookout
4/4 Easter Egg hunts; Children @ 10am/Adults @ 11am
4/26-5/2 MUD BASH WEEK 2021
5/28-5/31 Memorial Day Weekend
5/28 Free Cookout
6/11-6/13 Concert Weekend
7/2-7/4 July 4th Weekend
7/2 Free Cookout
7/23-7/25 King of the Deep Series
8/13-8/15 Daisy Dukes Weekend
8/14 Daisy Dukes Contest
9/3-9/6 Labor Day Weekend
9/3 Free Cookout
10/8-10/10 Fall Bash Weekend/King of the Deep Series
10/29-10/31 Halloween Weekend
11/25-11/28 Thanksgiving Weekend
11/26 Thanksgiving Feast
12/24-12/26 Christmas Weekend
12/31-1/2 New Years Weekend


Our trail systems are changing daily due to conditions of the land and vary from mud pits, water crossings, hill climbs, and hard packed wood trails. ATVs and motorcycles are welcome, however we do not allow trucks or jeeps on the trails or riding in the rivers.

“Great time, close to home. If you have never been go check it out at least once.”


-Ty G.

“Can't wait to go back This place was great loads of fun and lots of great trails”


-Jacob K.

“I love this place. Mud heaven on earth. Only way it could be better is if it got bigger.”


-Jason E.

Established 1999